Reach Your Fitness Goals

Neil has a decade of experience in exercise, nutrition and lifestyle principals. From general body image/health to competition standard goals. Neil has helped clients from all levels and sides of the globe.

Tailored Fitness Programs

Neil implements tailored programs to fit clients needs that have proven results, tested on himself.

Keep on Track

Neil coaches practicality. Each client understands the steps being taken and why they are implemented. Tracking and accountability keeps his clients on track with high motivation levels.

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Online Personal Training, right at your finger tips.

Essential client information is gathered about safety, history and goals. Pictures and body stats are taken for tracking. Clients receive invitation to members only smartphone app for seamless communication between client and coach. Exercise and Nutrition plans are mapped and explained step by step. Feedback is received through text and video call support.

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More About Neil

Neil is an avid yogi, CrossFitter and weightlifter. Neil has represented and competed in numerous competitions on national levels.

  • Qualifications
    • BA Psychology (University of Johannesburg)
    • Exercise Science Dip.Ex.Sc (HFPA)
    • Conditioning Coach (HFPA)
  • Additional Education
    • Yoga for Professionals - Stella Nash Studios (United Kingdom)
    • Pilates for Professionals - Stella Nash Studios (United Kingdom)
Pricing Options

Select the online personal training plan that best suits your needs

Plan One

  • Online Personal Training
  • Customised Exercise Program
  • Nutritional Eating Plan
  • Text Sessions

Plan Two

  • Online Personal Training
  • Customised Exercise Program
  • Nutritional Eating Plan
  • Text & Video Sessions
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Whether you’re interested in being a new client, or just being Neil's new friend, he’d love to hear from you!

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